WGL Energy is a reliable leader in competitively priced renewable energy solutions perfect for government, commercial, industrial and residential needs. We work closely with you to lock in on competitive green pricing to preserve the world for future generations.

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Easy as 1-2-3 to green your home, travel & commuter/remote lifestyle by neutralizing your carbon footprint.


Carbon Offsets

A carbon offset reduces greenhouse gas emissions made in one place to compensate for emissions created in another. Choose 100% carbon offsets to reduce your carbon footprint and support cleaner air and water.


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) WindPower is an economical way for you to choose clean electricity sourced from US windfarms.


Certified Gas

Natural gas that is produced in an environmentally sensitive way which reduces the amount of methane released in the air that negatively impacts the environment.


Offering a variety of energy solutions (RECs, Carbon Offsets, Certified Natural Gas & CleanSteps®) for homeowners, vehicle owners & travelers who value the environmental, economic and health benefits of clean air and water.

Small Commercial

Helping to reduce your energy budget (RECs, Carbon Offsets & Certified Natural Gas) while also remaining environmentally-conscious.

Large Commercial / Industrial / Public Sector

Helping to reduce your organization’s environmental impact by choosing clean, renewable energy. We offer a variety of renewable energy options (RECs, Carbon Offsets & Certified Natural Gas) including customized solar solutions to reach your sustainability goals.

Start Preserving the World Now!

WGL Energy delivers a full spectrum of energy offerings, including electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and carbon reduction solutions provided by WGL Energy Services, Inc.

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