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Lock in your electricity or natural gas price today and begin earning rewards points or 4% cash back (Applicable offers only)

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By choosing your energy supplier, you can choose your pricing plan and lock in a fixed price to protect your home/small business budget.

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When you choose WGL Energy as your energy supplier, you can earn 4% cash back (fixed one or two year rate plans only).

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Energy choice can help you better manage your home energy costs.



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For 25 years, we've been providing competitive electricity and natural gas supply, renewable energy and carbon offsets to homeowners, small businesses and large enterprises across the Mid-Atlantic.

WGL Energy provides all your energy answers and, as part of the WGL family of companies, we benefit from nearly 170 years of leadership in the industry.

The WGL family of companies are now indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of AltaGas Ltd.

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Whether you're a family of four, a small business, a large government agency or a Fortune 1000 company, WGL Energy makes energy choice surprisingly easy.

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